Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why beeswax?
  2. Why do they seem ‘dusty’?
  3. Do they drip?
  4. Do the flowers burn?

1.  Why beeswax?
Unlike paraffin, which is a petroleum based product, burning beeswax is non-toxic, actually cleaning our air with it's tallionic properties which bind to particulate matters.  There are no toxic or chemical by-products involved at all in the productivity of beeswax as well.  The warm flame, because of its color spectrum which is the same as our sun, creates a very real mood of relaxation and creativity by stimulating our pituitary gland.  Also, the subtle and sensual smell that beeswax emits remains unparalleled and serves to remind us of the hardworking bees and their endless gifts.

2. Why do they seem ‘dusty’?
The 'dust', called bloom, occurs naturally when the soft oils rise to the surface.  Wiping the candle with a soft cloth will restore it to its natural honey glow.  The varying colors of beeswax originate from the types of flowers that the industrious little bees pollinated. The amazingly intoxicating fragrance (and color) is also a result of absorbing the pollen, propolis, and honey while being stored in the hive.  Our beeswax comes from a local and loving beekeeper - unbleached, not dyed, and with no additives.

3.  Do they drip?
Our beeswax candles, when free from any draft, should not drip.  Because of its high melting point, beeswax burns slowly and evenly. They also may drip if the flame becomes too big, as in the case of a flower catching the it is important to remove the flowers once the flame nears them

4.  Do the flowers burn?
Yes.  The flowers, because they are very real pressed flowers (organic and home-grown when possible), will catch the fire, especially on the tapers (not as likely on the bigger pillars, and not at all on the fat pillars).  Please be aware of your candle when the flame approaches the flower, and simply pull out the flower, or cut it.  Always be aware of burning candles in your home, NEVER leaving them unattended.

Note: Because each of our high quality candles is unique and hand made, there is nothing uniform about them.   The flowers and designs are subject to availability.  You are welcome to request colors, and we'll try our best to fulfill your desires.  Also, again, because of their handmade quality, sizes may vary by 1/2 inch.